• Casio FX-350MS 2nd Edition Scientific Calculator

Casio FX-350MS 2nd Edition Scientific Calculator

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FX 350MS 2

Casio FX-350MS-2nd Edition Scientific Calculator

Product Specification

Non-Programmable Scientific Calculator with 240 Functions

Sleek Design with curved edges which makes it compact and easy to carry*

Drop resistant body with water Resistant printing on Keys*

2-Line display calculator

Colour coded keypad for easy key differentiation

Solves Trigonometric, Exponential logarithmic & basic Statistics etc

Comes with slide-on hard case

Casio fx-350MS is non-programmable scientific calculator with 240 functions.

It is a two line display calculator. Calculator has sleek and attractive look. Calculator can solve Trigonometric, Logarithmic, Permutation, Combination and many other mathematical problems.

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